Sip_registrations.conf not being updated

Hi guys,

I’m using FreePBX and am trying to change the sip host for one of my trunks…

I can make the change under TRUNKS --> SIP SETTINGS, and it is reflected there correctly, even after a reload, but no matter what I try, it will not update the /etc/asterisk/sip_registrations.conf file.

The sip_additional.conf file is updated correctly with the new information.

The file is being re-written everytime I reload freepbx, but it’s written with the old hostname, as in “register=username:[email protected]

I can’t find anywhere else in the GUI where the hostname of this trunk is used, except in the SIP SETTINGS for the trunk, and yet, it’s reflected correctly there.

I’ve even tried deleting the sip_registrations.conf file in the hope it was corrupted, but no, the same file gets recreated with the wrong information.

I’m at my wits end, so if anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Did you try deleting the Trunk (in the GUI), reload, and re-creating?

Also, which version of Asterisk are you on?

I have seen rare instances where host changes to registration strings requires an asterisk restart;

fwconsole restart

I’ve not tried deleting the trunk and re-adding it. I have many routes tied to the trunk and was afraid that if I deleted it, I would have to go back and edit every route. I thought about that as the last option, but was hoping you guys might know a better way to do it.

I’m running Asterisk v13.10.0

Thank you

Try upgrading, and if no success then delete and re-create.

However, you can do first what Lorne suggested.

Anyone know how the sip_registrations.conf file gets populated? ie. Where is it’s source data stored? It almost seems like the values are stuck somewhere and that somewhere is queried when asterisk starts-up. If I can find the source config file, or database table, maybe I can adjust it there.

Would this be an asterisk problem or a freepbx problem? It seems like to me it’s a problem with freepbx since that’s what’s auto-generating the config files asterisk needs. And, if that’s the case, would updating asterisk actually fix the problem?

I’m not ruling out an upgrade, and I appreciate the suggestion, but I just want to make sure upgrading will actually fix it.

Thanks again to you all

It’s all stored in the MySQL database backend and then written out to the conf files.

Try removing the string setting, saving and seeing if that changes anything.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the help. I found what I was looking for… the hostname is stored in two areas in freepbx… under the trunk SIP settings tab, there are two sub-tabs, outgoing and incoming. I completely overlooked the incoming tab and that was where the other entry was.

Also, in order for the change to take effect, submitting the changes in freepbx wasn’t enough, I had to completely stop and restart the asterisk process.

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