SIP registrations are not happening

Asterisk 1.8 version

ERROR[1745]: netsock2.c:269 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo(“ðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸå”, “5060”, …): Temporary failure in name resolution

WARNING[1745]: chan_sip.c:16476 check_via: Could not resolve socket address for ‘ðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸåðŸå:5060’

Check your DNS settings. As the message says “failure in name resolution”

ok fine. if it is a DNS issue host name field is filed with junk characters.
also in our system nothing is working with name, everything is connected via direct IP

If you want help you need to send more than a single line and an Asterisk version.

What event is occurring when you get this error? What peers are involved? How are they configured.

And of course the basics, OS, FreePBX versions, network info and how installed.