SIP registration issue (random registration of extensions)

I’m running FreePBX for a small business hosted in a Virtual-box environment locally and I’m really happy with everything, but I’ve an issue that I ignored for some years, but now I would like to resolve it :wink:

On my private internet connection I have 4 incoming voip instances/solutions:

  • My MAIN voip number via my Internet provider
  • A linksys SPA3000 for another phone number
  • FreePBX HOME - used to register several DIDs abroad which forwards to my main voip number
  • FreePBX for business purposes

For every voip platform I use a different registration port (5060, 5061, 5070, 5071 and 6111). That is my starting point. Everything is working 100% and no issues except the registration of the Linksys SPA941’s on this business solution.

Some more detail about the solution:

  • Freepbx is completely up-to-date
  • I did set up (I hope) the registration port to 6111
  • Most of the phones register “into the cloud - at home” from different locations/internet connections

Most of the time the phones register, but never on port 6111. As you can see it is often 5060 or a random high port, which I think could be the problem of what I experience…
The solution of a non-registered phone is to reboot FreePBX until every phone is registered. I see this as a work-around :wink:

My details for this instance

I would expect every phone to be registered on port 6111, but I’m not a (protocol) expert. I only want to have a stable registrationb process. Any ideas or more information needed ?

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