SIP Providers

I am looking for a recommendations for a good quality SIP provider. I was going to try SIP Station but when I went to sign up for the Free Trial, they had nothing available in the rate list for Washington State, so I couldn’t complete sign up. I tried Nextiva. Big mistake. They could not get outbound caller ID to work properly and their support is next to useless.

I assume you had difficultly with a specific rate center, there are many DIDs available for Washington state. The rate center you’re looking at a similar issue with other voip providers, if so you could port numbers in from an ILEC.

Good Morning Chuck, we use Intermedia out of Bellevue. Great support and in the two years they have been our provider we have only lost connectivity once. We use ATT for our fiber backbone and it has two links off of the peninsula; one via BI underwater, and one over the narrows bridge.

Thanks Dave. I will check them out.

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