SIP provider with G.722 support?

Can anyone recommend a SIP provider that supports G.722 codec? I’ve checked with my current providers, they only do G.711 and G.729

Which country? There is no point in G.722 if the legacy PSTN only supports G.711, or you are calling mobiles with an effective 3.1kHz bandwidth limit.

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Based on your profile, I assume that you will be calling to and from the US. If you deal primarily with consumers younger than baby boomers (most calls to/from smartphones), you can enjoy wideband calls on Telnyx, see

and possibly other independent VoIP providers. Though more expensive, SIP trunking from AT&T, Verizon and most cable/fiber ISPs also support wideband calling. With some, you may need to use AMR-WB (the native HD codec used by mobiles) on the trunk side and have Asterisk transcode to G.722 on the extension.

If you primarily deal with other businesses (most calls to/from landlines or VoIP), you are probably out of luck. Analog lines and BRI/PRI are limited to narrowband and G.722 would provide no benefit.

Some providers such as Callcentric support “any” codec, but you will only get a wideband connection if the remote party is also a Callcentric customer. I have heard anecdotes about wideband calls between different VoIP providers when the LRN lookup shows that they can bypass the PSTN and connect by SIP to the other provider. If that’s important to you, find out which providers your customers and vendors are using.

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Thanks @Stewart1, this is exactly what I’m looking for. One of the systems I manage is for a national talk show and they are wanting to get better audio on some of their interviews without having to ask congressmen, senators, presidential candidates, etc to install any special app. Telnyx’s HD-Audio seams to fit the bill perfectly.

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