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I’ve been an affiliate partner with Vitelity for years, selling to various clients of mine (some with 1xDID, some with a few dozen). I was getting ready to onboard another new client and it seems Vitelity with their new corporate overlords, decided they no longer want to do any retail sales. Ok, thats fine, I’ll call to setup the account. Well the rep I spoke with, who also told me the affiliate program is meaningless now said he won’t setup any accounts with less than a few hundred, yes hundred, DID’s. Guess they want the commercial wholesale market only?

So given that shocking news - I need to find a new SIP Provider that offers competitive rates (unlimited isn’t required though would be welcome for some clients) and T.38 support. I’ve been reading that sipstation T.38 doesn’t work anymore? And I briefly just looked at as a potential option as well but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask the guru’s here if they had any recommendations. The last thread I saw discussing this was a few years ago and there have certainly been some changes in the market. An affiliate program would be nice but I can live without that if thats not an option, especially since most of my clients are fairly small so theres not usually much if any kickback on the sales.

So this isnt valid anymore?

Thats the full wholesale partner program. I don’t do anywhere enough volume for that to be useful for me but from my understanding that is the only thing they are looking to keep moving forward.

I use vitelity & flowroute.

Vitelity used to market to small end users. That no longer the case?

What I was told this morning was thats no longer the case. They don’t want retail or small end users. Only big wholesale accounts. They said they made the change about 4 months ago to no longer sell retail or to small clients.

Translation: They don’t want to support the actual end user directly. It is one of the biggest drains for an ITSP and this puts you aka the wholesaler in that position. You have to support your users.

Of course. None of my users have ever called in to Vitelity directly. They sign up through my affiliate link, I provide all of the configuration and support.

Well while support is the biggest drain, the accounting/customer management is also a cost and a infrastructure that has to exist. Let’s not forget Vitelity sold to Onvoy years ago and last year or so Onvoy sold to Voyant.

So Vitelity has had “corporate overlords” for years before this, the latest (Voyant) probably realized that the “consumer” side wasn’t pulling its weight and since Voyant is a consumer facing CLEC why “compete” with themselves?

Yup I think thats the key point here is that Voyant is a consumer facing CLEC.

So Flowroute and VOIP.MS I guess are on the table as options to look at. Any other recommendations nowadays?

Voip innovations

Well the other factor would be, are your accounts Unlimited?

There are several that should work well for you.

I’ve been with Voip Innovations through three name changes. I’m liking Telnyx, if only for price - I don’t do enough business with them to be able to wholeheartedly recommend then yet, but they people I’ve hooked them up with are all pretty happy.

HA, just figured out how to quote on a reply finally! Most of my accounts are not unlimited as of right now. I have I think a few that do have unlimited but the majority are not.

Thanks, I’ll add Voip Innovations to the list to research.

SIPSation for sure does T38 both inbound and outbound. We also offer reseller discounts or become a agent where we bill the customer and kick back a monthly commission to you. Have you talked with anyone in sales here?

Also using SIPstarion helps keep the lights on for FreePBX and Asterisk. Without it and it’s growth we would be limited yo development staff in FreePBX and Asterisk so come help support the project.


SIPStation was high on my list but I thought there were issues with T.38 lately where it wasn’t working? Is that not the case anymore?

I am not aware of any. We are one of the few carriers that do outbound T38 on all numbers. Inbound most carriers do including us but on outbound we take every T38 fax and convert it to V39 faxing and send it out real copper T1s so it cost us a fortune but it gives great results for the customers as we are not relying on the terminating carrier that owns the number you are faxing to handle T38 to V29 faxing that most every other carrier that says they support T38 does.

Good to know. I’ll go back and take a look then. Thanks

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Please also contact sales about our reseller discount program or agent program where we give you commissions back. I want to say its 20-25%

Thanks, will do!

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