Sip Provider Multiple IP Setup

Hello All,

So my sip provider sent me a message informing me that as of mid september the IP address of their switch will change due to equipment upgrades and this will be a slow phase in. Meaning I need to set my equipment (freePBX Distro box) to allow for their trunk from at least two different IP addresses.


The existing trunk peer host is: x.x.x.25
The new trunk peer host will be: x.x.x.35

What I’d like to know is if what I’ve done to accommodate this is correct…

In FreePBX I simply duplicated the existing trunk, renamed the new duplicate trunk “name-35” then changed the peer:Host setting on the name-35 trunk to the new IP.

Then I went into all my Outbound Routes and added the new trunk as a secondary trunk to all of them.

I believe this is correct but want to run it by the community and make sure I have this correct.


You probably also need to change the IP address in the Registration String, if there is one.