Sip Phones

Hello i was wondering something. I will be getting some yealink T32G phones 6 of them and it is a pain to program them one at a time is there a Easy way of Doing it in one shot like signing them a ext as well as time/Date and whatnot?


There should be a Yealink T32G phone in one of the EPM modules (either the commercial one or the “OSS” one). Try the open source one first and see if it meets your needs. If it doesn’t, switch to the commercial one.

Thank you. I will try that.

If you don’t go the EPM route they’re not hard to setup, you can do one and get all of the settings the way you want. Then just download the backup file and upload it to the others and change the extension credentials.
6 phones is not a lot to do by hand and usually the defaults are pretty close to what you want so there isn’t a lot to change.

Just plug them all in your network and configure them through the web interface. The yealink phones are extremely easy so don’t bother provisioning them. If you have 15 or more then consider using provisioning.

Thank you for the reply back as soon as i saw your message i got a package in with the phones and i tried what you said. It worked i was able to upload the files to all the phones and just change around little things. And it saved me time. Thank you.

Thank you allisonB i did that i was able to got all phones up and running as soon as i saw your message and as well as astbox message i got a package in the mail with my phones in it. So i follow what both of your comments said and it work. Thank you