SIP phones losing registration with Meraki Router

I am having a weird issue with my new network setup. I have a Meraki router ( and using Polycom phones. Basically what happens is that incoming calls end up hitting voicemail but the phones do not ring. I then reboot the phone and everything is working ok. So in otherwords with this router the calls seem to make its way through the router only in the beginning but after some time passes the calls dont come through anymore (and then requires me to reboot the phones again).

I switched out the router with a simpler one and everything works, so it would seem something is wrong with the Meraki, any ideas or anyone have a Meraki and have this happen to them?

We were a Meraki dealer and got screwed when Cisco bought them out. Cloud licensed routers are a major rip off. They also suck and never got them to work well with SIP and NAT. Especially the wireless stuff.

The whacky auto VPN doesn’t even work well with VoIP.

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Have you had issues without the VPN in place, for example just using it for basic router functionality and getting VOIP to work. I set my phones to keep alive every 30 seconds, so it certainly isnt the phone going stale. And like i mentioned when i used a different router no issues.

I am wondering if perhaps RAM could be filling up on the router. I know with older routers with not enough memory the internal NAT tables never worked very well, and often required rebooting the router.