SIP peer (phone) unreachable?


I have an old FreePBX 13 system running on a Raspberry Pi and working fine. I just built FreePBX 16 and asterisk 11 on Ubuntu 20.04 running on a Raspberry Pi 4, according to these directions: How to Install FreePBX 16 on Debian 11 with Asterisk 16 - FreePBX Documentation - Documentation. The build went fine and I was able to restore my backup. Now everything works except that I can’t reach my phones. I have 3 phones in a FreePBX ring group. Oddly I can reach the phones individually but when I configure the IVR to ring the ring group it fails. With the asterisk command line sip show peers shows all 3 phones to be “unreachable”. Sip show peers shows each phone to have an IP address and these addresses can be pinged from the Raspberry Pi. I can reach the phones’ Web GUI at the addresses and they don’t show any problem with the SIP registration. SIP is configured with qualify=YES in FreePBX. Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated, I really don’t know how to proceed.

Thank you,

Matthew Fleming

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