SIP Paging adapter

We have a SIP paging adapter setup in FreePBX that until yesterday was working. When someone dials 1051, paging group that the paging adapter is setup in, we will get a page over our overhead paging. First you hear a beep and then you make your page. Now you hear the beep but no paging. I am able to ping the adapter from the FreePBX server so i know it can talk to it and i can login to the adapter via its web interface.

Look in /var/log/asterisk/full and see what (if any) errors are being sent back.

Chances are it’s something simple, like something needs to be reset. The problem appears to be RTP related, so double check your UDP 10000-20000 port configuration to make sure there’s nothing hinky going on there.

I got it working. The problem was the feedback eliminator we use had lost power. Thanks for the response.