SIP or DAHDi trunk?

How do I know which Trunk that I should create?

I have a T-1 from Century Link with 6 static IP addresses.

I have calls going out, but can’t get them to come in.
Logs show nothing on the incoming side.
Asterisk 11.0
FreePBX 2.11

Is your T-1 fractional, if so the voice channels do not have an IP and you will need a hardware interface to handle the calls, If it is really a DS-1 (data service) not a T-1 (telephony) please follow your providers instructions also.

Thank you for you response.
I have a T-1 circuit that handles both data and voice.
My asterisk server had a hard drive failure and I put a new hard drive in and loaded the newest version of Asterisk and Freepbx.
The previous setup was working so I am assuming that the hardware is in place to handle the calls.
I have outgoing calls but no incoming calls.

The only information from Century Link is the block of static Ip addresses that they give me and primary and secondary DNS.
They don’t give me a password or any additional information.

Does it mean anything that I can dial out?

Did you setup trunk and inbound routes?

What happens when you dial in?

What does the log say when you call in?

Do you have a hardware interface in the server for the PRI (it would be an RJ45) or just the network port?

What is the results of the shell command lspci?

Yes, I tried to setup the trunk and inbound route.
I clearly did not set it up correctly.

You get a busy signal when you call in.

Log says:
[2013-05-26 02:59:02] VERBOSE[1928][C-00000012] sig_pri.c: – Span 1: Extension [email protected] does not exist. Rejecting call from ‘5159883455’.

Wildcat TE122 card is the hardware interface.

Lspci command
Lots of configurations, the one I am guessing you are looking for is the Ethernet controller: Digium, Inc Wildcat TE122 Single-span T1/E1/J1 card.

Wildcat TE122 card is the hardware interface.
The log doesn’t have any

What a mess, Ok, you have what is called a PRI line. Install the DAHDI config module and it should take care of it automatically.

My concern is how you have a context called “centrylink” {sic} ?

The fact it’s misspelled and shouldn’t exist makes me concerned that some very misguided and somewhat haphazard configuration has been attempted.

Can you please tell us exactly what you did, what files you edited and where this context came from?

Other than that my directions should hold. Have you been to the wiki and read the getting started guide?

Is it time for me to start over?
I am reading the wiki and I can’t get the FreePBX to allow me to change the IP addresses or anything in the system admin area.
Perhaps I should download a different FreePBX version.
I am currently working with the version from the Digium web site.
Let me know if this makes sense.

Ok, that’s one way to go. Don’t forget that FreePBX and FreePBX distro are two different things. You downloaded AsteriskNow from the Digium site that includes FreePBX. I assume you were reading docs in our wiki concerning the FreePBX Distro, our own distribution of CentOS/Asterisk/FreePBX. By itself FreePBX is software that works with Asterisk and can be installed on most any Asterisk system.

If you want support here you should download the FreePBX distro.