SIP Notify sent to wrong port

After an extension registers, FreePBX is sending NOTIFY to a random port, not the port that the IP phone registered from.

You can see in the screenshot that the IP phone registers from port 27035, then the FreePBX correctly sends OPTIONS to the IP phone on port 27035, but then incorrectly sends NOTIFY to the IP phone on port 52882.

Where did port 52882 come from? How can I fix this so that FreePBX sends NOTIFY to the correct port? This is causing MWI to not work.

Could you show us an expanded REGISTER request from that phone?


Where is this capture being taken in the network? Can you compare it to the sip logs from asterisk?

Packet capture is being taken from the IP phone.

Of course now after trying to get SIP logs from Asterisk, everything is working fine now…

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