SIP not registering - Setup with multiple locations

Hello guys,

I’m facing a problem with my freepbx setup.

I have two locations one is in AMERICA the other in EUROPE i have made a connection of both systems using IAX2 and a OPENVPN setup. I can call from AMERICA to EUROPE extensions (internal) without problem.

I’m trying to add a SIP VOIP user (VODAFONE VOIP Account) in the EUROPE side but it won’t register

chan_sip.c:15218 sip_reg_timeout: – Registration for ‘+[email protected]’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #7)

If i disable the OPENVPN client in the EUROPE side it registers without problem, as soon as i start the OPENVPN service again it looses connection, I’m a noob in this world.

I think that i need to keep IAX2 to go through OPENVPN and the SIP clients using local network. But i don’t know what’s the main problem here. I have searched in the forum tested lots of changes in the configuration without success

Any suggestions?

By the way happy easter. :wink:

Also i forget to mention, the openvpn server is configurated in the AMERICA side.

Using 192.168.1.x range
OPENVPN using the 10.8.0.X range.

Using 192.168.2.x range.

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From your box ping the Vodafone ims and post the address that you get. Also when openvpn is running from your box give the following command and post the output