SIP No register

Hello everyone.
Suddenly our VOIP phones stopped working a few months ago and since then I am trying to bring them back online. I even brought another technician and he couldn’t do anything because he didn’t know about FreePBX.
The issue I am having is that phones lost their SIP registration.
We are using Grandstream 1620 phones. I rebooted them, I updated the firmware but I still get the Network Down message on the phone screen.
Our PBX is running on Elastix 4.0

I would really appreciate your help!

You did check the network switch and wiring? That message usually indicated a larger network problem; failure to register is identified by a different error message.

This is not an Elastix forum - Elastix is dead and no longer supported. You need to upgrade to a more recent version of FreePBX for us to not blame your dead software “out of hand”. There is a supported upgrade path to get from Elastix to the current version of FreePBX.

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