SIP Gateway Configaration


I am new in FreePBX. What i am planning to do is to make a VoIP wholesale solution using freePBX. For that initially I want to configure a SIP gateway or SIP provider account using freePBX. So that I can send SIP/ H323 calls to another switch without “REGISTER”. Please some one guide me how to do this.

Thanks in advance … :slight_smile:

FreePBX is not designed to be a carrier class soft switch.

Everything you want to do is documented. Nobody is going to hold your hand to assist your poorly thought out business plan.

Sorry to burst your bubble but you come into our forums and say ‘help put me in business I have no idea what I am doing’ it’s not going to be met with a warm reception.

well I just wanted to know how i can send calls to another switch without registration. I will be sending INVITE in the first place… no user/secrete authentication…thats all … can anyone help ?

Isn’t that entirely based on whether or not the switch will accept anonymous SIP calls? Which you typically disable?