SIP firmware for AudioCodes MP-124?

I need to connect ~14 analog phones to FreePBX and bought a couple of used AudioCodes MP-124 (24 FXS ports).

Unfortunately, although the printed label shows
the units came with MGCP firmware, likely installed by the previous owner.

Do you know where I can find a SIP load compatible with this device?

Alternatively, had anyone had success using the MGCP firmware with FreePBX?



Google is your friend. Good luck asking audiocodes for help without a support contract… I should know…

Thanks for the reply.

Well, I’m not sure what to search for, having never used AudioCodes before. A trivial search for “audiocodes SIP firmware” has the first 10 hits at AudioCodes, followed by numerous bad links. The only real firmware I found was here:
with links to many versions. Each link, whether it has “.cmp” in the name or not, points to a .zip containing only the .cmp file (no documentation).

I’m concerned that some versions may be incompatible with my older Rev. P05 hardware and will brick the device. Do you know whether AudioCodes is smart enough to reject an incompatible load? Or, if not, will unbricking via TFTP work after such an event?

I guess you should look for a mgcp to sip conversion document for that particular model and check if you need to use specific versions for the conversion. I think you might be able to find the firmware files around the internet. I have an audiocodes hd320 phone that I was able to update to the latest firmware that was developed for that model.

I don’t know why they are so low key about the firmware or info on these devices. Its like pulling hens teeth.

I’ve got a couple of online hits for the 118 112 and 124 units
Hope it helps.

I would strongly encourage you to use an old school IE browser to do the updates. I’ve had these things go completely squirrely trying to update them using any modern browser. Just be cautions.

I’ve recovered a few units that were pooched up pretty good with this proceedure

Quick look at that link you posted from your Google search, those versions seem legit. The .CMP file is what you’ll be asked to upload in the GUI.

Many thanks for the update. I managed to get both units working with MP124_SIP_F6.60A.326.005.cmp and they can make and receive calls. However, a lot of weird things happened along the way:

I first tried with MP124_SIP_F6.60A.022.004.cmp , figuring that something dated 2020 might not be compatible with my EOL units. It installed without issue, but I couldn’t configure from the GUI; every time I typed a ‘t’ the entry would bomb out. I thought this was corrupted firmware or a hardware failure, but the other unit (still with MGCP firmware) showed the same problem! Next, I tried different browsers, but Chrome, Firefox and IE all failed in the same way (Edge wouldn’t even accept the login password). I tried from a Linux box but same issue. A search found

which said “Fun Fact: Our MP-114 would not accept the lower case “t” into any entry fields, preferring to leave the target page completely when a “t” was entered. This appears to be a bug with the Chrome browser. We ended up entering our text into an unused field on the computer, and copying and pasting into the entry field.”

Of course, I knew the problem was not specific to Chrome, hoped that the latest firmware MP124_SIP_F6.60A.326.005.cmp would fix it and sure enough, it did. A little config effort and it could make and receive calls. I saved the config file to try in the spare unit.

Attempts to install the same firmware in the spare failed, but the only error given was “the connection was reset”. However, the older version installed ok and then the new version took. It read the .ini file ok, but it wouldn’t register. Discovered that the backup doesn’t save passwords, entered them manually and it was now fine.

What happened to the good old days when you could enter hostname, username and password, get a dialtone and make calls?

BTW, I compared the firmware files and they are identical. Many thanks for that.

Don’t use outdated hardware and expect it to work.

Buy something current and you can do just that.

Sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Customer has 1 or 2, easy to upgrade to new hardware. They have 20? Sometimes you just need to make legacy outdated work.

Those Audiocodes boxes have a very strange configuration methodology. I’ve got a bunch in the field and they work great…but every time I see a ticket to make a config change on them, it comes with some eye rolling on my part.

This is a cheat sheet I use when working on them.

IMO, audiocodes are a very good piece of hardware. They give a feel of quality.

100% agree. They are rock solid products. These 124’s i’m using have to be at least a decade+ old and still rock solid performers. Just not the most straight forward configuration methodology. They have an amazing array of configurable settings available…if you can find them and program them in the right order

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