SIP failure response mapping to misleading voice prompt

Some SIP clearing causes (like 404,408,484) all result in the same response to the user " all circuits are busy now please try your call later".

This is very confusing and even making people believe the Freepbx system has problems, while it is the user dialing an incomplete number or reaching a remote system that does not respond.

I have seen some answers that this is done by purpose to discourage hackers, but PBX security should be handled in other ways than misleading the “good guys”.

Is there a way in FreePBX to map SIP responses to proper voice prompts ?

I have not seen any response yet - is there no one who experiences the same problem ? In fact this is a rather common(?) situation when calling users on Microsoft Lync systems who have not powered up their PC and did not forward their calls to their Mobile or Voice Mail. It appears now that your own Asterisk PBX is having congestion or problems on outgoing trunks, while in fact the real problem is in MS Lync !!! Maybe would be nice to change the message in something like “you are calling a MS Lync system which is not properly handling phone calls for this user…” :wink: