SIP FAILURE: Incoming call disconnecting (retransmission error)

Incoming calls disconnecting after 33 seconds, log reporting retransmission error. Vendor says that call setup does not contain the correct router external address for call setup. DDNS is correct, went into SIP Settings and refreshed the external address., rebooted PBX. Vendor says pbx now reporting return address for call setup of

( How is the external address maintained within the PBX? What is the relationship between DDNS and the SIP Settings external address? With dynamic IP service, our PBX has been working previously, though the address seldom changes.)

UPDATE: Actually it is all calls on the trunk, both in and out.

HELP, we need to restore service.
Thank you

FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-27 (up to date)

Seems the Freepbx DDNS service is not working. Can’t connect to my network. DDNS address failure resulted in the PBX passing an address of to the VOIP vendor.

I have substituted another DDNS address and that seems to have solved the problem.

Now this brings up a point or two.

Why is the Network config setting under SIP and Chan SIP? Why not have one “Admin” location for supporting the FreePBX box external address, and probably, the DDNS function. Also, it would be useful to have it in all a highly visible location for administration.

In addition, It would be great to have the address displayed on the dashboard. Also an error needs to be posted if DDNS fails or any other method to obtain the box address fails as it is critical information and some elements of the system may not be working, like SIP or external extensions or remote access to the GUI, etc.

Onward and upward,

JR this was reported as fixed -

if you were fully up to date and still see this please open a new issue

I have no pending updates via module admin . Notice that I say I am up to date above. DDNS address not working. Still confused as to the relationship between the three different external address settings locations. System working with my non-freepbx DDNS address entered in SIP Chan settings.