SIP extension VS PJSIP extension issues

I’m able to register any pjsip extension I create, but when I create a normal sip extension I’m not able to register it. I’m using a normal X-Lite client, and I have 2 extensions that I have set with all the default settings.

Extension 6000 is created as a chan_sip extension, and 7000 is created as a chan_pjsip extension. When I use the credentials for 7000, X-Lite shows as available and ready. When I try 6000, X-Lite tells me “Problem at server Error 401”. My Asterisk log tells me

[2014-12-11 19:25:33] NOTICE[6217]: res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:250 log_unidentified_request: Request from '"6000" <sip:[email protected]>' failed for '' (callid: YTFjNGQ4MzIxZDkzYzUzOTM0NDI3OWM2MDc5NjBhZWQ) - No matching endpoint found

I went into freepbx and under Advanced Settings > SIP Channel Driver, I set it to chan_sip. This removes all the pjsip options, but it still seems that it wants to use pjsip. What setting am I missing that will allow me to use a normal sip extension?

chan sip and pjsip do NOT use the same ports, they bind to different ports. You can see the port your extension should connect to when looking at the extension in extensions

The port is set to 5060. I did see a 5061 in there, but I thought that was a mistake. Does it have to be 5061 for it to work?

You are getting or being confused.

Either PJSIP is on 5060 or 5061
chan sip is on 5061 or 5060

They do not and can not share the same port.

Right. I get that. There’s a setting in the extension that allows me to change that port. I have it set to 5061 now, and tried that, but X-Lite returns an error “Problem at server error 408” though.

No that is wrong. You can not change it per extension it’s a global setting. There is a confusing layover from chan sip extensions that allowed you to set that port but it actually does very little and is NOT the right place.

You change these ports in Asterisk SIP Settings.

Oh, I see. Awesome! That works. Thanks