SIP Extension Problem

Hello to all,

I’m new here and trying to find a solution regarding to my problem but no luck :frowning: so i decided to post here hoping there’s someone who can help :praying:
my problem is i can’t hear any voice in my extension when they are already engaged in a call. . im sure my mic and headset are totally working because i can hear the ring and there’s a status in eyebeam with my mic but in the other side there’s no any voice i can hear. .

please any help would be highly appreciated. .

thanks in advanced. . .

You provided no information at all. Are you running FreePBX? If so what version? How was it installed (by hand or a distro) if by hand what OS if distro which one? What Asterisk version? What is network topology?

yes i’m running FreePBX it was installed by distro and the version is Asterisk (Ver. and the network topology is it is directly connected in modem with a “static ip”

please reply if i provided the info you need to solve my problem thanks!

Yes but is the phone and the server in the same network?

If not you need to read the section on NAT in our wiki.

they’re not on the same network i just installed the softphone(eyebeam) on other network and put the sip account settings then registered successfully but I experienced the problem. .thank you for your reply very much appreciated ~~ i hope i can fixed my problem soon. . .