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Hello Team,

I am atomizing a process in FreePBX Server such a way that whenever root receives a new email, it should initiate call to Sip Ext.

For the same I have created a call file:
CallerID:“Email Call <000>”

This connects the call to Confroom 5001 which is not expected.

If I modify the call file as mentioned below, it will play the Musicfile which also not acceptable:
CallerID:“Email Call <000>”
Data: beep&silence/Musicfile

Please help in understanding what values of Application and Data to be mentioned in order to initiate a call and speak ?

Thank you.

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They have not mentioned which options to be used for the same. I have read this document.

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That’s exactly what I’d expect that call file to do.

Who is speaking? If you just want a fixed voice announcement, you replace silence/Musicfile with a file that contains the announcement, recorded in a format known to Asterisk.


I do not want to connect to ConfRoom only answer call and speak.

My query is what options should I mention in the call file so that call gets connected and I will be able to speak

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What does “answer call and speak” mean? Do you want text to speech to produce some kind of automated voice?


This ext is of and End point, I want to call that ext and announce something

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… and that’s the problem we’re having helping you. If you want to announce something on an extension, use the second call file with the appropriate pre-recorded announcement. If, on the other hand, you are trying to get something announced on your overhead speakers (for example), you need point the call at the correct extension and use the Playback application with the correct prerecorded announcement sound file.

At one point, you said “answer call and speak”, which means you want the phone to ring and you want to talk to the system. This, as with almost anything else you want to do, can be done - you just have to explain how the rest of that process was going to work. In other words - “OK, you’re talking - who’s listening?”

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