SIP Error 488 Not Acceptable here on all phones

Hello I have a new installation and having problems calling from all phones even direct SIP to SIP LAN PBX calls. I am using Devices and Users configuration. My trunks are working in bound and outbound. I can receive calls from outside phones but no calls from the PBX SIP Phones. I get SIP Error 488 on all extensions when calling to any extension. On the FreePBx status page I get one error saying DynamicHints is not set. I tried to set DynamicHints to yes however, there is no way to save it and it goes back to no when I exit the Advanced Settings. I know my configuration is correct as I have used the same on a AsteriskNow 1.8 setup recently. My current setup is the latest FreePBX Distro Stable-5.211.65-6
Release Date-02-16-14
FreePBX 2.11, Linux 6.5
Asterisk 11

What codec are you using?


Problem solved by turning off RTP encryption on the SNOM phones. This was a new issue as the old installation with Asterisk 1.8 did not have this problem.