SIP domain different from the phoneapps URLs in the provisonning files

We are hosting a lot of PBXs they are not publicly available. The way our customers access them is via an SBC for SIP/UDP and via a reverse proxy for HTTP/HTTPS (SBC and proxy have different hostname). The problem I see is the Endpoint Manager is building the config files for the Sangoma phones with the same domain name for the SIP server and the PhoneApps link.

Is there a way to have the SIP server be “” and the PhoneApps URL be like: ?


I did some tests and the PhoneApps URLs seem to be build using the value the “SIP Destination Address” in the Sangoma phone template. I’am not sure what is the purpose of the “External Address” field in the “Global Settings” when the “SIP Destination Address” is set in a template.

Depending on if you set the template as external or internal, the SIP Destination Address will be set to the appropriate one.

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