SIP Deny/Permit

Hi all, I am experiencing some problems with the Permit/Deny command in the Sip trunk configuration. Supposedly you should be able to force a sip trunk to use s specific ip range by denying all and permitting only the allowed ip ranges but I am unable to get it working. Am using Freepbx Stable-3.211.63-8
Release. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest you tell folks what you are trying, and what the results are, if you’re looking for help.

I have one central PABX in our hosting offices for one company with 12 small branches. I have two dedicated connections set up for that specific PABX but I want to limit traffic on the links to ensure quality. My plan is to register all the extensions through the one link and use the other for a dedicated link to our SIP Server but I am struggling to limit the Sip trunk to that specific ip range of the link intended.

Anybody have an answer for me please? Is it possible or not and is possible how…