SIP Credentials from Nettalk Duo

I was upset that magicjack had changed from a static MD5 password to a rotating password scheme in their last update. No more cheap calls with MJ without using their adapter on a Windows PC through an FXO card.

Well I picked up a Nettalk Duo for 1/2 off which is really just an ATA with USB interface to power it or use the PC as a gateway if you don’t have the Ethernet jack connected.

I read a few times that you can extract the sip credentials from the nettalk device but I haven’t found anything that will allow me to do that. The login to the ATA is not the same id’s passwords that came with the device. I have done a TCP dump of the registration and calls though the device but I am not a real good reader of sip credential exchange.

Currently I have it hooked up to a FXO card but I would like to just eliminate their ATA and do sip directly to their service. Anyone have recommendations?


Someone posted a howto here:

I’ve got a pretty good primary in state SIP provider called broadvoice. With my large family and my mother living with us we have a lot of phone activity and broadvoice has been reliable. The issue is out of state calls or nation wide calling cost an additional $10 a month or $120 a year. Magicjack was 9.95 a year for nationwide and nettalk is 19.95 a year.

I know that Broadvoice’s per minute charge of 3.9 cents for nationwide isn’t that much but based on my usage it would cost about $75 dollars a year in per minute fees with them. Half of adding nation wide to my account.

I figured the nettalk was a better soltion just to keep the costs low.

I doubt you will get much traction in this forum. Instead of asking someone to help you violate the ToS with your provider why don’t you use real SIP trunks

The are very inexpensive. You can get cheap DID’s and best of all you are helping to support your favorite project, FreePBX!