SIP client audio input trouble

i was working on a project which needed my raspberry pi to be configured as a SIP client.So i installed Linphone and is working great exempt for one problem.I only want the SIP Client to work like a speaker. I don’t need it to have an audio input.But linphone needed to be specified a capture device for it to work.Since the raspberry pi doesn’t have a capture device,i made a dummy device from the info found on

it works fine too.But occasionally when i connect to the pi client from another client,it gives me a disturbing noise.When i MUTE the linphone client form the command line of the pi.The sound stops.
So it is probably the Linphone reading some thing from its capture device.

i tried writing a code with linphonecsh which i thought get rid of the need for a GUI for linphone but it didn’t work put.I also wanted it to auto answer and auto mute every i wrote the following code.

linphonecsh init
linphonecsh register --host --username --password
linphonecsh generic “autoanswer enable”
linphonecsh generic “mute”

I already got the functionality working exempt the mute function using another shell script as follows.

linphonec -a

The registration part was done in the GUI once and when ever Linphonec -a was executed it automatically registered to the server.

can anyone please tell me a way to either

  1. Write an effective bash code to auto mute every call


  1. To get rid of the spurious noise coming from the dummy source.

i would also love to know the reason why that noise is coming.

Thank you

Just guessing here, try editing the .linphonerc config file and change or add mic_gain=0.0 in the [sound] section.

Do we have solution for this issue?
Even I ma facing same issue i.e. linphone auto answers with Noise.
I tried all the above mentioned workaround but didnt help.
Can you please help me in getting away this noise?
Thank you

After six years? One would think so, but the original poster never told us (after we provided input) whether it worked or not.

Sounds like you’re reinventing a wheel here - are you looking for a SIP Speaker for an enunciator?

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