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I’m currently experimenting with Ekiga and Jitsi, both clients register with my PBX and can call with no problems, however I cannot use the chat feature on either client the chat option is greyed out in Jitsu and it returns an error “NOTICE: Could not send message” when I send a message in Ekiga. I’m only posting here because the common denominator problem seems to be the PBX since both clients call correctly and register with the PBX. I’m assuming there’s a setting in the PBX to allow the chat to pass thru I just can’t figure out where it is.

Here is how I have the extensions (ext 205 and 206) configured that are signed into the softphone:

Display Name: Test1
CID Num Alias:
SIP Alias:

Outbound CID:
Ring Time: Default
Call Forward Ring Time: Default
Outbound Concurrency Limit: No Limit
Call Waiting: Enable
Internal Auto Answer: Disable
Call Screening: Disable
Pinless Dialing: Disable
Emergency CID:
Queue State Detection: Use State

DID Description:
Add Inbound DID:
Add Inbound CID:

secret: test1
dtmfmode: RFC 2833
canreinvite: no
context: from-internal
host: dynamic
trustrpid: yes
sendrpid: no
type: friend
nat: no-RFC3581
port: 5060
qualify: yes
qualifyfreq: 60
transport: UDP Only
encryption: no
dial: SIP/205
mailbox: [email protected]

Caller Policy: Generic Device
Callee Policy: Generic Device

Dictation Service: Disabled
Diction Format: 0gg Vorbis
Email Address:

Asterisk does not currently support these message types.

You could use a proxy like OpenSIPS to accomplish this.

Asterisk 1.10 is supposed to add this feature.

Tyvm thats exactly what I was looking for.