SIP Channel default language

Hi, community.

How can i change default SIP channel lang from EN to another (FreePBX 13)? FreePBX 12 has Language field in the Advanced General Settings.
Setting up Other SIP Settings: language=ru also not working.

You are looking for Admin, Sound Languages.

Pro tip - type “language” in the upper left search field and clues are revealed.

Thx for answer!

  1. I’ve already create a custom lang with lang code “ru”. Select this lang on the Global lang tab. Call to *43 and asterisk CLI says Set(“SIP/1690-00000001”, “CHANNEL(language)=en”)

  2. Next, i select my extension in the Extensions module, goto Other tab and setup Language Code to lang code from part 1. And call to *43. Asterisk CLI says
    ExecIf(“SIP/1690-00000002”, “1?Set(CHANNEL(language)=ru)”)
    Set(“SIP/1690-00000002”, “CHANNEL(language)=ru”)

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