SIP call - no voice on both sides but ringing

Hi. I have freepbx on raspberry and on my home phone which is Grandstream gpx1780 and which is registered to freepbx like one of the extension, in my case 613. And it is in the same network like freepbx. And the other extension 606 registered over gs wave on android and try to call 613 the grandstream phone rings but after hookup no voice heared and on gs wave side no ring tone hear. I have other phones in other peoples homes registered to my freepbx and when i try to call them from android 606 extension, everything is ok. Only on my home grandstream is issue. Otherway when i call from 613 to any other extensions everything is ok too, except the android 606, it display that there is no response. When i came home and connect to wifi or over VPN, everything is ok.

Sorry for my bad english, Im czech :slight_smile:

Thank you for any ideas…

Check on your Firewall RTP Ports ( 10000 - 20000 UDP ) you should have RTP Port problems.

I checked it and i have routed 10000 - 20000

So on this time i think you should take PCAP capture file on your PBX and take a look where your RTP pac are lost.

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I am quite a newbie to PBX, can you tell me, how can i do that?

Hi @Paribass
You can do PCAP at the same time from your PBX and on your Destination Phone. Some IP Phones have in Phone GUI PCAP ready button. you can start PCAP both site.

On PBX CLI you can run below command:

tcpdump -s0 -iany -w/tmp/capture-Started-`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%Z`.pcap -C75 udp

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Hi @snazir
thank you very much for your advices, I started PCAP caption on IP phone to USB stick, i have GS gxp1780. I post it here tonight.

Another thing you probably missed, you need to specify your local network under the Asterisk SIP Settings

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