SIP backup due to latest event with

Good day everyone,

I’ve been badly affected with DDOS lately.:sob:

My question is, if I add 2nd DID from any different SIP provider is it common/wise thing in FreePBX and how about listening ports?


With Telnyx you can choose different ports then 5060 and use pjsip and IP Authentication

Thank you for response.

In other words they allow customers to modify transport and media ports to allow communication with PBX behind firewall?

Have you used them, how’s pricing and reliability in general?

You should try them , yes to all your questions and they do a lot more than just Termination/Origination which is at a price very competitive (and actually currently working)

You don’t need to change media ports only sip,

Cool, I don’t want to drop yet I believe in them, plus it will make hackers feel better.

Awesome :+1:

Good for you, ‘badly affected’ but still loyal, hopefully they will credit you your losses .

The best thing is to have a 1800 number and a local number and posted on your website and buy two different carriers because inbound is out of your control even the biggest carrier can have an outage, outbound you can always spoof the ID

That will depend on who is the ‘resporg’ (Responsible Organization) of your 800 number for you to have control over it and their availability when things break.

That was my thought too to buy local number. I have 1 800 with them.

But if they are ‘down’, how will you redirect it Yossarian ?

I’ll just put 2nd DID on my site/apps and won’t bother with redirection. They just call us that number.

800 numbers traditionally need to redirect to a Real number, Is it working?

It worked with my 800 prior to attack no problem.

Does it work now?

No same problems as regular DIDs on VOIP.MS


They are slowly coming back to life (50%) . . . (did they pay the ransom ?)

They don’t mention any ransom on Twitter :slight_smile: but everyone talking about it.