SIP and SCCP on single freepbx installation?

Hi Guru’s

just wondering if it is possible to run both SIP and SCCP on a single installation of freepbx.
I have a working AsteriskNow dist (on VMware ESXi 5.1) with 2 x cisco 7970G’s running SIP and connected to several VoIP providers.
and bought a Cisco 7921G that only runs SCCP

I’m going to have a play with PIAF on a Raspberry Pi I have to get the phone talking to that, but ideally want to run SCCP and SIP on a single system so I can park a call on the 7921G and pick it up from a 7970G desk phone.

thanks in advance.

regards, Adrian.

Yes but you need to get your hands dirty to get the best out of it.

thanks, seems to be quite a good bit of documentation on the sccp project page, looks like a bit of trial and error to get going.

Ma you just convert those old phones to sip

Hi Dicko, the 7921g only runs sccp (skinny). got it working, had to configure the 7921g as a custom extension for it to accept calls. now to convert one of my 7970’s from sip to sccp to see how this shared line behaviour works, and to downsize my asterisk/freepbx installation to the raspberry pi.

I have the 7921g on my freepbx install but I keep getting registration rejected. I didn’t add a custom extension but I will try this. Anything else you did? Did you use the skinny driver or did you update to sccp_chan_b?

did you use the incrediblepbx image to build freepbx and did you follow the instructions (such as ‘Make’ and ‘Make install’) of the sccp v2 driver?
I did and it works fine, I have 2 x 7970G’s running SIP and the 7921G running sccp, at some point I’ll convert one of the 7970G’s back to sccp so I can use the shared line function.

I did the Nerd Vittles Image for my RASP PI install. It is a bit overwhelming due to the GUI customization on it but I got it going. I have installed chan_sccp_b and it loaded perfectly. Then I added an extension from the GUI to add Other (Custom) Device with “dial” option “SCCP/EXT#”. I followed the documentation instructions for the following files: XMLDefault.cnf.xml or SEP.cnf.xml, sccp.conf, sccp_hardware.conf, sccp_extensions.conf. I made sure to setup my tftp server on the PI and it connected finally. What I can’t get working is the iLBC CODEC but g722 & g711 are working fine. I’m gonna work on getting company directory or the xml directory working and hope I can find a config file for the 7921 that allows me to configure it much like the 7940/7960 variants. If you have any information on how to customize/config the options of the 7921 I would appreciate it if you’d share them. I’m gonna try to provide all the information I gather so others can have an easier time getting this cool phone up and running.

Here are my config files to get the 7921 wifi phone working.
id = 1000
type = line
pin = 1234
label = WIFI-1000
description = Line-1000
mailbox = 1000
cid_name = CiscoWiFi
cid_num = 1000
;amaflags =
context = from-internal-xfer
incominglimit = 2
transfer = on
vmnum = *97
meetme = on
meetmeopts = dx
meetmenum = 2663
trnsfvm = *98
secondary_dialtone_digits = 9
secondary_dialtone_tone = 0x22
audio_tos = 0xB8
audio_cos = 6
video_tos = 0x88
video_cos = 5
echocancel = on
silencesuppression = off
setvar=testvar2=my value
dnd = on

description = 1000
devicetype = 7921
button = line, 1000
;button = line, 2000
button = speeddial,CONF, 2663, [email protected]
button = speeddial,Beth’s INT, *562000, *[email protected]
button = speeddial,Mom’s Room, 9343, [email protected]
button = speeddial,Vic, 1845, [email protected]
type = device
keepalive = 60
;tzoffset = +2
transfer = on
park = on
cfwdall = off
cfwdbusy = off
cfwdnoanswer = off
directed_pickup = on
directed_pickupcontext = from-internal-xfer
directed_pickupmodeanswer = on
dtmfmode = inband
dnd = on
earlyrtp = progress
private = on
mwilamp = on
mwioncall = off
cfwdall = on

; general definitions
servername = FreePBX
keepalive = 60
debug = 10
context = default
dateformat = D/M/YA
bindaddr =
port = 2000
nat = yes
externhost =
firstdigittimeout = 16
digittimeout = 8
autoanswer_ring_time = 1
autoanswer_tone = 0x32
remotehangup_tone = 0x32
transfer_tone = 0
callwaiting_tone = 0x2d
dnd = on
sccp_tos = 0x68
sccp_cos = 4
audio_tos = 0xB8
audio_cos = 6
video_tos = 0x88
video_cos = 5
echocancel = on
silencesuppression = off
private = on
hotline_enabled=yes ;can devices without configuration register
hotline_context=default ; context for hotline
hotline_extension=7337 ; extension will be dialed on offHook

; include files
#include sccp_hardware.conf
#include sccp_extensions.conf