SIP ALG problem Powerful Linksys EA900

**Linksys Router SIP ALG Problem.

Hello, I have Powerful Linksys EA900 Smart WiFi Router, I m using Elastix 2.5.
From outside External Extension sometime have audio issues oneway audio,
All forums and blogs I see everyone says Disable SIP ALG, when I uncheck (Disable) SIP ALG on my router noway any audio,
I Have forwarded ports to my PBX (SIP UDP 5060-5070) and (RTP UDP 10000-20000)
what can I doo? If SIP ALG Enabled works two-way audio but sometime issues oneway audio,
Also SPI Firewall have disabled.


You need to check your NAT settings on asterisk. Both on general SIP settings and extension settings.

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I am assuming that it is Elastix behind the EA900, not the external extension. If that is not the case, describe the network at both locations.

Turn off SIP ALG. In Asterisk SIP Settings, set up Static IP (or Dynamic IP if needed). Make sure that the External IP Address is correct and that Local Networks is properly set. Submit, Apply Changes, restart Asterisk.

Test first with an internal extension. If audio is ok, then test with an external extension, making sure that the extension has nat=yes in its settings.

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I did exactly as you wrote and it workes perfect!!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: thank you very very much :+1::+1:

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