Single Users Multiple Devices In 'Extension Mode'

Is there a way to get single users ringing at multiple devices without Users and Devices mode? At this time I have a fresh distro install for testing on 10.x the ISO downloaded this morning in ‘Extension mode’, a device in the office, and device at home registered to the same extension. When I dial that extension the office phone rings the home phone does not. In a prior post IVR Direct Dial stopped functioning after Core update under Devices and User mode it was indicated the Devices and Users mode is for More users than phones, which is correct in terms of the ad-hoc features, but the documentation indicated that it’s for both more users than phones or more phones than users.

“Devices (e.g. each individual line on a SIP phone) and Users (e.g. 101)
will be configured independent of each other, allowing association of
one User to many Devices, or allowing Users to login and logout of

So… anyways is there any other way to get multiple devices to ring at the same time registered to the same extension

Yes. You must use Asterisk 13 (and you should be on the latest, now 13.9.1) and PJSIP. Under the PJSIP extension, advanced tab, locate the field called ‘max contacts’ and put an integer there indicating the maximum number of devices that are permitted to register to that extension.

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That seems to be working. Thank you very much for the bump

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