Simultaneous ringing without ring groups

Hey guys,

I am trying to think of the easiest way to accomplish my goal.

We have a few different departments, all using a queue, and each user gets ringed in turns, rrmemory.

However, sometimes they have their headsets off, and wont hear the ringing, so it would be nice to have an external phone/ext that wil also ring (regardless of rrmemory).

What would be the easiest way to do this? I don’t want to do a ring group for each user lol. And follow me doesn’t apply. I also dont want to add it as the first extension to notify them.

I would like to accomplish my goal in the FreePBX GUI but I don’t mind making small CLI changes.



Never-mind, I thought Follow me/Find me would only call the secondary AFTER it tried the initial. But they can ring both simultaneously.

I hope this may help someone else, but probably not :slight_smile:

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