Simultaneous ring caller ID not working?

Hello was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for help on problem of ring group CID My example, external call comes in to IVR. Press 1 for ring group.

Ring group rings extension 601, 602 and external cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx. This all works fine, but when my cell phone rings, the cell phone reads the main line PBX DID number of xxx-xxx-1717. Is there a way to forward the external number of who is calling me to pass to the cell phone so I know who is calling from external number? Right now it just has our main number and never know if i want to ignore the call or not :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for you taking the time to help me.
Thanks Bryan

The only way this will work is if your carrier will let you set your outbound caller ID. This will not be possible with analog lines. Some SIP providers allow you to set the number for the outbound some don’t. My SIP provider accepts whatever number I send them even if the number is not configured on their system so for example I can set the caller ID to my cell phone number.

Thank you Alan for your reply! Right now i have Quantumvoice for sip. Do you have any SIP providers you would recommend that an do outbound caller ID?

Thank you again for your help!

Hello again Alan,
After reading this i noticed I may not of explained this correctly. Let say i call you on your PBX from my phone. You route my call to a ring group of your extensions including your cell phone. Does my phone number show up on your cell phone or does your main line of your PBX show up? The problem i have is my cell phone always says my PBX is calling me and never the original phone number.

As of now, no matter what settings i have tried it always shows my PBX calling me on external ring group or follow me. I want the person who calls me for their phone number to show on my cell phone. Hope this helps

Again thank you for your time.