Simultaneous calls

This is a preconfig question.

1 Trunk, 5 channels

Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 phones

I would like to have the ability for up to 5 simultaneous calls on an extension.

This model phone states 2 lines, up to 8 simultaneous calls.

Do I have to do more than enable call waiting for the phone to be able to have additional simultaneous calls?

I don’t think your 321 can reasonably handle what you want.

Thank you but…

That wasn’t my question exactly. Let’s omit the phone being used. What is required for any IP phone to accept multiple simultaneous calls? Is it more than enabling call waiting?

The requirements could be different per phone but call waiting would probably need to be enabled.

You exact question specifically referenced the Polycom 321.

You will need buttons.

The Polycom’s actually accommodate multiple calls without adding additional line buttons - they calls just pop up when offered.

Having said that and having used the 321’s for years (they used to be our standard phone) you would drive the user CRAZY trying to control that many calls with a phone with that small a display.

So yes the phone CAN do it, but you would NOT want to do it - if you are liking the Polycom’s you should look more towards the 650 if you like the SoundPoints or the VVX-410 if you want the next gen phone.

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