Simulate answering machine / IVR


I’m trying to simulate the behavior of a classic answering machine in a domestic environment. Therefor I created a call flow, which easyley can be turned on and of by every phone by dialing *281. When turned on, the caller is directed to an IVR. The IVR offers a few options (i.e. press 1 to leave a message, press 2 to get further information, or call again later). That all works quite well. But there is one mor thing, I’d like to implement:
When the caller hits 2 within the IVR, he gets further information about other possibilities to reach the called party. There is a standard annoucment, but I want to be able to change this annoucement to an individual recording if needed.

How could I do that? I was thinking about an IVR, which controls or selects the announcement, taht is used on the “answering machine IVR”. Something like: “This is your answering machine. To configure press 1 -> Press 1 to use the standard announcement, press 2 to record an individual announcement…”

Do you have any ideas how to do that?

System recordings can be linked to a feature code, so you can re-record them at any time by dialing the feature code directly.

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