Simple Windows Desktop Client for FreePBX Queues

I’m in charge of technology for a small non-profit organization that reaches out to youth. We have around 10 extensions and are getting started with running FreePBX 2.8.

Having a queue for incoming calls seems like a great idea since at any given moment only 2 or 3 people can be answering calls, and having them stack up for a few minutes seems ideal if someone is dealing with someone in person, or is busy and can’t answer the phone that second.

However I’m finding it difficult to imagine I can train people to log into and out of the incoming queue(s) every day–I’d like something more foolproof, like something that runs on their (Windows 7 / XP) desktops and when the computer is on and they’re logged in, they are also considered available to answer the phones, and when everyone is gone for the day (hours are not usually very regular) the queue will be able to see that no agents are available and calls can go straight to voicemail.

Seems simple enough, but after spending two or three hours on Google, I’m having trouble finding an app like that (maybe I don’t know the right jargon to search for).

I don’t need much more than something that will automatically log someone in as a dynamic agent to the simple FreePBX queue system, and log them out again when the app exits.

Anyone know of an app like that?

If not, is there an API that is documented that I could use to write an app like that in .net or something?



Thanks oshkosh, I’ll check that out!

Also, someone else referred me to the API info at

and some real world language examples


Check out it’s free for 15 extensions or $40 for unlimited. I pay $40 because it’s worth it. Users log into a website and it shows all their phones and queues. You can add users to the queue from there or remove them.

As for having it go somewhere else when everyone is logged out, that’s done in FreePBX under the Queue. There’s an option something like “Allow join on empty” you want it to be no. You can also specify leave when empty, so if there’s someone in the queue waiting and you log out, it gets rid of them as well.

Yes, There is a windows wallboard Desktop Application