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Oh the reason I can’t use whatsapp etc is that I need to setup call groups, record the calls, allow monitoring etc…

Stewart, Wow thank you so much, I just tried your suggestion and it worked a treat.
I have been pulling my hair, what’s left of it for days…
You sir are a guru…
Cheers Tony

It sounds like you are creating a ‘parallel’ system, rather than integrating with the regular office phones. That often causes problems, e.g. being distracted by one phone ringing while talking on the other, or accidentally having both not on hold where one party hears sensitive information intended for the other.

Also, are the mobile users on site (working in a warehouse or factory) where there is good Wi-Fi? If they are in the field on a mobile data connection, unless the area has consistently good LTE coverage, the upstream voice quality will sometimes be unusably bad. The caller may not be aware that anything is wrong, because he can hear fine.

If this app will also be used for incoming calls, be sure that you have a ‘push’ mechanism; staying registered on SIP will likely add significant battery usage.

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Hi, Thanks we do not have any other callers, so the only phones are staff speaking to staff, it’s rather an unusual situation, the office staff could use a mobile Rx. if they wanted but IP phones in the office are the preferred option.
There are no customers calling in so the only communication is from known staff users to the office.
Cheers Tony

If someone else is looking at doing this type of thing, this is how I ended up configuring my server

When the person calls in, they call a number which is the Feature code number of a Misc Application, this is then linked via destination to a time condition which is linked to my opening hours time group. If the time is outside my opening hours they are directed to a recording saying “Sorry Closed” if it is inside working hours it is linked to a Call Group with staff members extensions added to that call group. Because I wanted 2 incoming lines one say sales the other service the above arrangement was simply duplicated the only module they share is the Time group. This all works exactly as I need it to.

Many thanks to the other members who helped me resolve this issue.

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