Simple newbie question - CFC

Hi, I have a simple freepbx setup which currently has just 2 Chan_sip exensions, 101 and 102
I have setup 2 softphones with these two extensions, the system works great.
I have been trying to setup Call Flow Control, when setup I can call *280 it toggles on and off.
I set the Green/off to go to an Announcement and the to Red/on to extension 102.
I simply ignores the CFC and calls the extension
Am I missing something?

Did you point something to the CFC?
For example, the inbound route or option 102 from the IVR.

Thanks for your reply, I have been struggling with this for several days, I have even setup a new server to see if there is an issue with my main server.

It does not seem to work here is a link to the server if you might take a look:
user admin2 password 12345
don’t worry this is just a test server which will be destroyed as soon as I find an answer to my problem.
I have checked the inbound route it is set to flow control and flow control is set to phone extension or play a message.

That’s a REALLY bad idea.

NEVER EVER POST YOUR PBX CREDENTIALS ONLINE!!! No matter if it’s just for a few minutes.

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I understand however I was hoping someone could help. this server is only for test it will be gone soon. There are only a couple of extensions and no trunks.

Regardless - in order for CFC to be used, the inbound call has to be routed to it.

So, your inbound route will point to CFC and the call flow will be modified by using the ‘credentials’ of the CFC.

One other things that’s popped up before: CFC doesn’t work on local calls. You can’t call 101 from an extension and hope that CFC will do anything. It only works when it’s part of the call flow, and dialing an extension directly doesn’t do that.

Thanks that is the answer, thank you so much I could not find this information anywhere that is the answer. I really appreciate your reply

Just to be clear is there no way to have time conditions/CFC when an external softphone calls in on an extension calling a call group or an extension directly?

I don’t have clue what you’re asking, but if you need a dialable feature code to a PBX destination that is otherwise not dialable, you want a Misc Application.

What is your eventual application? If it’s to receive calls from the PSTN, get an inexpensive prepaid SIP trunk for testing. You can get a free trunk for testing but incoming callers will need to dial an access number and then key in an additional number to reach your system.

If it’s a closed system for internal communications, check whether the ‘do not disturb’ feature meets your needs. If not, use a Misc Application as noted by @lgaetz .

There is no PSTN just a soft phone which is using a standard Chan_sip extension
This is calling another Chan_sip on a separate soft phone.

There is no way to do it when an extension calls an extension.

You have to get the call into a different state, so you can use:

  • a Misc Application and Misc extension.
  • an IVR associated with a number (just not the extension).
  • an Announcement and point that the CFC.
  • change the default context of the extension and have it “pretend” to be calling in from outside. (A lot more work but doable).

There are a hundred ways to get this working. None of them include direct dialing the extension.

I also have external IP phones I want to connect to my server then simply set time conditions for “Hours Closed” Seems you are saying that CFC and time conditions will only work via a Trunk.
Not if the caller is a registered extension.

OK thanks

No. Not if the thing being dialed is an extensions.

Thanks for that, honestly I have searched the docs an can’t find that anywhere

There’s a free book on Asterisk that been out for something like 20 years. It’s in chapter 2 or 3.

Fair comment haven’t read it, however nowhere in the freepbx docs on setting up CFC time condtions does it mention it, well not that I could see. Thanks very much for your help

What I assume that you are asking for isn’t hard, but I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Give Alice an extension number, say 4101. Set CID Num Alias for 4101 to 101. So when Alice calls Bob on 102, Bob will see the call as coming from 101. Then, define a Misc Application 101, which routes to your Time Condition or any other special processing, at least one path of which ends up routing to extension 4101 which will ring Alice.

However, tell us about the big picture. If your system will eventually connect to the PSTN, get a trunk and do realistic testing. If it’s a fancy intercom system, what is special about it (why don’t you just use WhatsApp or Signal)? If it’s for educational, lab, etc. purposes, please explain the goals.

Hi, The idea is rather simple I have several staff who have mobiles which have Zoiper for instance they then can call the office where the office staff have IP phones.
Now this is rather simplified as I intend to use a purpose built app (almost completed) for the mobiles. There will be no external Trunk phones connected to the server, the idea is they just tap the app and call the office. This all seems to work great I was just struggling to get time conditions or CFC to work, now I know I can resolve the issue thanks for the solution I will give it a go.