Simple Extension Alias

I am brand new to FreePBX … actually one day :-0
I am creating a local (LAN only) phone system, extensions only (ATAs), no external calls in or out.
I have 3 ATAs with handsets set up in extensions. They register in FreePBX 16 and I can call from one to the other.
My question is …
If the extensions are 1711, 1712 and 1713, I would like to be able to dial *13 and have the 1713 extension ring. What is the most straight forward way to do this using the GUI?
Apologies for the simplicity of the question. I have tried SIP Alias and it doesn’t seem to work (the way I think it should). I have read about other ways, but I don’t understand to solution that is being proposed.

Create a Misc Application and in set the Feature Code value to *13 and then select the destination. Jst make sure it does not overlap with any existing feature code.

Excellent … thanks!

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