Simple Billing module

Hi I am looking for a simple solution to create a bill at the ned of each month for each user exstention on our freebpx system. I would like to set call costs based on the area code they dial but not include internal calls

Is there a simple module or solution to achieve this does any one recommend

I sincerely doubt it. Not a simple one, anyway.

The commercial Property Management module might be able to get you close.

This is an Asterisk solution, not a FreePBX solution, but you might be able to make it work.

Thanks for the suggestion, we have installed A2Billing on my box but I dont like the idea that it replaces freepbx and has none of the features just to create a user bill.

thanks anyway

It didn’t replace it (exactly). It just overwrote the index.php for the base page. IIRC, there’s a way to install it in a subdirectory so you can access it as a virtualhost from the server.

sorry I did not make the last post clear i think, what I meant is if I have got things right my internal extensions register too A2B not freepbx for incoming and outgoing calls, this then does not allow me to use all the freepbx features and I loose the internal extension numbers unless i set up DID in A2B

Only other “FreePBX” options I can think of:

  • Create a query from the existing related tables and put a frontend on it.

  • Introduce some custom context to write the relevant data to a .txt file during each call then build a script or macro that formats the data into a usable bill.

Someone else (often) might have a better idea :slight_smile:

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