Simple and informative Wallboard for FreePBX

Hi there!

So - i’am looking for a good and simple Wallboard to show some details and infos from the PBX within the browser. Something like:

So - there is no official installation guide for the FOP2 (or i dont found it yet) and i want to know what Info/Wallboards you are using? Did you got any experience with FOP2? Any recommended alternative?

Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for the reply, kierknoby.
The “problem” is, that we aren’t using queues instead of an IVR and Ringgroups.

So - that means that the “Queue Wallboard” is not the right plugin for me, right?
Also - this is a module that need to be purchased, right?



sudo asterisk -rx “CLI COMMAND”

Will let you display anything you are interested in on a webpage using simple bash commands.

Regarding FOP2:


Alright - Thank you!
Also thanks for the installation guide for FOP2!

I’am trying my best on FOP2.

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