Silence when find me follow me rolls over to external number

Good afternoon! Have a strange issue that is occurring. At one of our offices we have a manager that has find me follow me enabled for his phone. Find me follow me is set to roll over to his cell phone if no one answers the desk phone. The call will roll over to his cell but once he answers his cell phone there is just silence on both ends (caller and receiver). Any help would be appreciated!

Does the audio work if you first answer the call and play audio before forwarding (i.e. a FMFM announcement)? If so, this is indicative of a PBX behind a NAT router/firewall, where the full RTP media range (ports 10k-20k) have not been port forwarded.

Yes, if I call that number and the employee answers the phone I can hear them. The issue only happens once the direct number rolls over to the find me/follow me number which is external and is the employees cell phone.

Also wanted to note that this was working perfectly fine prior to installing new PBX system. If it was an issue with a port on the firewall then it shouldn’t have worked previously, correct?

The old system may have answered the call, used different ports, etc. If you have logs from the old system we could see what was different, but IMO that would be a waste of time. Just fix what you have now.

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