Signing in Remote Agents using *45

Is it possible to use the *45 to sign remote agents (numbers external to the PBX) into/out of queues? I’d like to set up a Misc Destination of *45 that I can direct to via IVR or DID and have remote users who hit that destination signed in/out of queues that they are dynamic members of.
When I try to do this, I get the following output

-- Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/queue_devstate.agi
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: initiating queue: 8888
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: No Matches
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: Agent 9999999999 is dynamic
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: Agent 9999999999 is assigned to queue 8888
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: Finished processing members for 8888
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: Finished sorting
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: Looking up queues for agent: 
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: no queues for this agent
-- queue_devstate.agi,getall,: Agent  is NOQUEUES for at least one of their queues
-- <SIP/9999999999-00034b65>AGI Script queue_devstate.agi completed, returning 0

and the agent is never signed in/out of their queues. Does *45 only work with extensions defined on the system?

9999999999 is a dynamic member of the group. Apologies if I’ve omitted any relevant information.

I have not needed this specific feature, but i am interested in the solution just out of curiousity. I think you can make it work:

What i do know is that *45 will not work, because it is not being sent by the extension that wants to log out or into the group. What you need to do is enable custom device hints, that will allow you to enter *45(your-ext-here)*your-queue-here

for example *45100*199 would log extension 100 in or out of queue 199

I think i could get this to work, i might play around with it this weekend and let you know

The reason i know about the custom device hints is because I have programmed a speed dial/blf key on my customer service agents Cisco SPA514G phones. The key is labeled Hunt Group. When pressed, it dials the pattern above and then turns red when logged in, green when logged out

I couldn’t seem to get it to work using the generated hints. What I tried was setting up a generic extension with a follow-me to their cellphone, and then make in inbound route based on the CID of the cellphone to the hint, but it wouldn’t work. I’m wondering if it’s an issue because of the context of the inbound call.

What I ended up doing as a workaround for now is creating an IVR with two options NNNN* and NNNN** (where NNNN is the queue number) and then routing to the IVR when inbound CID matches one of the remote agents. They still have to go through the process of entering in their 10-digit number to login to the queue, but at least it works.

Ideally it’d be nice if instead of hitting the IVR, I could direct right to the *45 feature code and then log the agent in/out more or less “automatically”.