Siemens optipoint 410

Hi Guys,

I’am working on a trixbox CE server and it is working with softphones.
Now i want to instal 1 Optipoint 410 phone but i need some short of drivers
Who can help me?


Phones don’t need drivers unless they are running a strange protocol and then you need the drivers for the protocol and not the phone.

Quickly googling it looks like they are made by Siemens and support SIP. So you need to download the phone manuals and figure out how to configure them with the user, password, sip registrar, etc.

Google is your friend. I’ll bet you can find a page quickly that say’s what needs to be done to make them work with asterisk which is what FreePBx runs on, and it is really asterisk that does all the talking to the phones as FreePBX is a GUI for asterisk.


I’am googling at the moment and found some usefull things.
If it’s done i wel post a new topic with some sort of manual…