Siemens HiPath with Fibre Optic Line Extenders

Hi everyone, I have encountered a very strange issue with one of our deployed HiPath PBX’s. The system is set up as follows:

  • The HiPath feeds 18 handsets which are dispersed across the establishment.

  • Connectivity across the establishment is by multi-mode fibre.

  • The HiPath feeds directly into an RJ45 Tie Jack Field (TJF).

  • From the front of the TJF, CAT5 cables connect into Siemens Realtis Fibre Optic Line Extenders (FOLE’s). The HiPath side FOLE is powered via the CAT5 cable in a similar manner to Power over Ethernet but on pins 4 & 5 (44 VDC)

The circuits all exhibit the same fault. Each line fails which is indicated by a loss of dial tone at the handset and slow flashing Link LEDs on the FOLE’s. Each service can be recovered by power cycling the remote FOLE or by disconnecting and reconnecting the HiPiath side Cat 5 cable. The line then remains stable for an indeterminate amount of time (between 5 minutes and 120 hours).

Initially the power supply of the HiPath was suspected of causing the issue. It was thought that the power was dropping momentarily which was knocking the link out of sync. Thee HiPath has had its power supply replaced which has not caused any improvement.

The fibre links have also been tested using OTDR, average power loss has been 2dB which would mean that the FOLEs are operating well within their power budget.

Has anyone ever come across this issue? There seems to be no way to isolate what is causing the circuits to drop.

Any clues would be really appreciated.

Why do you think your problem is related to FreePBX or Asterisk? One could also have the stupid idea that Siemens/Unify can give better answers here.

However, the actual protocol of these ancient systems is CorNet and my experience so far has been that the SIP firmware was not that great when it came to the end devices.

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