Siemens Highpath 2030

We have just taken over a new office, on our site we have freepbx which is serving us very well. The other office has a Siemens highpath 2030.

As we are now one company it makes sense to connect a trunk between the systems.

Our problem though is that the laptop used to configure the highpath has gone missing sometime in the past according to the rumors so effectively we stuffed for the moment.

I’ve searched and searched the internet for documents or utilities to be able to get into the high path and start working out out we achieve our goal.

Does anyone have copies or the utils, USB drivers, software etc that would help us?


Siemens HiPath 2030 could be managed through its WBM (Web Based Management) portal, you just need to know the IP Address of your system and, what’s more important, yum must possess valid login credential (default user’s Login ID should be: 31994).

You don’t need a special software (Siemens HiPath 3000/5000 Manager E) necessarily, at least to perform 95% of system configuration.

Password to access the WBM with a valid user Login ID may vary (maybe it’s the defaulted one or maybe it was changed by the installer).

Setting up a (SIP) IP Trunk between the Asterisk and the HiPath 2030 is then another story.

I bet if converting all your optiPoint 410 (or 420) terminals into SIP (if they’re HFA now as I expect) and using them on a new FreePBX Distro installation (so replacing the HiPath 2030) would let you setting up a (IAX) IP trunk between your systems in easy and (more) predictable way.

Thanks for the reply.

This is a bit of a mess really; No-one knows the IP of the HiPath, or any of the passwords for the handsets to dig through the config to get the IP’s in use.

Its looking like we’re really going to have to try and find a copy of the manager e software as well as the USB drivers to be able to plug straight in.

Anyone ??

Look at the MAC/CAM table of your switch on the HiPath switch port then do an angry IP scan of the subnet the search the arp table of the host you ran the scan on for the MAC of the HiPath (of course the MAC might me on the outside of the box)!

It shouldn’t be too complicated.

Have you tried with default password on a optiPoint 4x0 web management interfaces (clearly a subnet scan, as suggested above, should let you find all the IP devices for the considered subnet)?

Have you tried 123456 as the Administrator password on a IP terminal’s WBM page or directly on the Phone’s display (you have a complete management menu then)?

Have you read about optiPoint 4x0 on the (

Then you will be able to find the HiPath 2030 LAN IP Address to which all the optiPoint 4x0 are registered.

In the best case the HiPath 2030 could still have the default Login ID/Password (31994/31994).

I have installed and managed few SIEMENS HiPath 2020/2030 (V1 and V2) years ago and, trust me, you don’t need any USB Driver once you find/set the communication system’s LAN IP Address: as written, a normal Web Browser should suffice once you’ve found its LAN IP Address.