Show names on multiple voicemail accounts in UCP

I have setup a few virtual extensions to have a voicemail for some ring groups. So ring group 6000 if no answer goes to voicemail 600 Sales. In my user settings I have checked Sales <600> in “Additional Assigned Extensions” which allows access to Sales <600> in the new User Control Panel. It is working great except that in the UCP it doesn’t show the name of the extension on the frontend. This can be confusing if I have access to multiple voicemail extensions.

Please open a bug on this. The error is “names don’t show up on virtual extensions”. It has nothing to do with multiple voicemail accounts.

Thanks. I created an “Other (Custom) Device” extension and the name does show up in the UCP. Do you know the difference between Custom Device and Virtual Extension? I can’t seem to find any description of them.

I have created a bug report. First one I have created so please advise if I need more information.

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Thanks Chris,

Looks good. I’ll resolve this within a week.